Dripping Nose Coming in Zombies Galore

It was originally to be called ZOMBIES GONE WILD (cf. March 27 2012), expected to be published by . . . well I really don’t quite remember who by now, but as these things sometimes happen, events intervened and the project kind of dropped out of sight.  But as a good zombie will, it kept tending to rise at least part way from the grave, maybe even shamble a few steps — the wreckage will be publiZombies-Galore-Cover-225x300shed by a new press, that sort of thing, then go back off the radar.  Rumors abounded — now it would be published as two books with my story to be in Volume 2.  The kiss of death?  But again it would rise, a new contract to be signed (see April 9 2014, something is lurching toward the present), perhaps a new editor?  And finally Tuesday afternoon came an email from Britain from Theresa Derwin:   “. . . at last, the final bio is in, the files are pre-formatted with a foreword and are now with the interior designer and the cover is with the cover designer.

“The book should be ready by the weekend for me to order for a local book launch Sat 30th Aug at Southcart Books, Walsall [England] 20-21 Lower Hall Lane, 12:00 – 15:00.”

So . . . if you’re in the neighborhood. . . .

Actually it took a little investigation on my part to see exactly what book was meant, but it can now be revealed.   What might have been ZOMBIES GONE WILD, Vol. 2 seems to have been rechristened ZOMBIES GALORE, edited by Theresa Derwin, and published now by Knightwatch Press (for more on which, the publisher that is, one can click here).  Should original intentions still hold true, it will be an anthology of zombie stories where the accent will be on humor.

My story in this is called “The Dripping Nose that Wouldn’t Wipe,” originally published in TOOTH DECAY (Sonar4 Publications, 2009), an ecclesiastical tale of young love, a French horn, and why it isn’t a good idea to bury a corpse on the church’s north side.  And hopefully out by the end of this month.


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