The Artist Cited in Latest Splatterlands Review

Today’s email brings an announcement from Anthony Rivera, via Facebook, of a new review on Amazon of the Grey Matter Press anthology SPLATTERLANDS:  REAWAKENING THE SPLATTERPUNK REVOLUTION (cf. June 19, et al.).  Under the rubric “Not for the Faint of Heart,” the August 14 review by Josh Wiles can be found by pressing here.  To quote briefly from it:  “As with any anthology, you get great stories, good stories, so-so stories and stories that don’t appeal to you at all.  This is true for this anthology as well.  Although it has a significantly higher proportion of great stories than is typical for most anthologies.”  Moreover, as Editor Rivera points out, “[t]he reviewer singles out the stories by J Michael Major, Jack Maddox, Michael Laimo, Ray Garton, Paul Collrin, Allen Griffin, James Dorr and Eric Del Carlo.”  My story cited is called “The Artist” and is a sort of working-class noir tale of a fancy butcher who sculpts centerpieces for banquets and the like out of meat.

So there’s good and bad but, once again to quote the reviewer, “This was definitely one of the best anthologies I’ve ever read.”

Then oddly,  just after that review there’s one from late June by Alan Wilson titled “A Lucky-Dip Experience:  Like Most Anthologies” that only gives the anthology three stars (11 of 15 reviews are five-star).  However Wilson sets his bar high, noting that “[t]o be excellent, in my opinion, a horror story has to be memorable.  A yarn that clicks a gear in your head in such a way that you never forget it because your world-view has been shifted.”  And given that standard, he still cites six stories by brief description as “real gems which did just that for me,” one of which is my “The Artist”  (or again quoting Wilson, parenthetically, “sell your veal shares now!”).

For Amazon’s overview of SPLATTERLANDS including ordering (as well as the reviews again, though not necessarily with the most recent first), one also can press here.


  1. Wonderful news! Congrats on the praise, Jim!

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