First Poem Acceptance for August from Star*Line: Not Werewolves but Vampires; Dwarf Stars Voting Ends Friday

On July 29 I noted, bemusedly, that this summer has been a particularly good one for me for poems about werewolves.  Today has proved the exception as this afternoon brought an email from STAR*LINE (cf. August 5, July 10, et al.), the first poem acceptance for the month of August, for one about . . . vampires.  The poem is actually a prose poem of about 75 words called “The Vampire Inventor.”  However, in the spirit of full disclosure I should add that it does mention werewolves too.

Then, speaking of werewolves, for any members of the Science Fiction Poetry Association who may be reading this, don’t forget that the deadline for voting for the Dwarf Stars Award for best 10-line-or-less speculative poem of 2013 is this Friday, August 15.  Directions for voting are in the box at the bottom of page iv in the DWARF STARS 2014 anthology (note that “dwarfstars” in the address is one word, with no hyphen) and, if I may mention, at the top on p. 21 is my entry “The Werewolf Explains.”  More information on STAR*LINE, DWARF STARS, and the SFPA can be found here.


  1. Congrats on your first sale of August! When do you think your prose poem will appear? The last acceptance I got from her, I think December was mentioned. I look forward to reading your piece!

  2. Marge, thanks. I don’t know, but the little poem in the current STAR*LINE went in very quickly, so perhaps this will be December too, (Of course, this one is only 75 words, but if it was longer. . . .)

  3. Reminded me to check out this current Star*Line for your poem–Sign me up for vampire insurance, indeed! What a hoot! Very clever, Jim!

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