Another short note.  Today THE GIRL AT THE END OF THE WORLD (see June 24, May 18, June 11, et al.) arrived from Fox Spirit Books in England.  Or more properly speaking, THE GIRL AT THE END OF THE WORLD, BOOK 1, the project having been divided into two volumes — the book-1-1-bk-cover-300x212first to cover pre-, during-, and not-having-anything-really-to-do-with-apocalypse tales, and the other to take up what happens after.

My story in this, “The Borrowed Man,” set in my own dying-Earth universe of “The Tombs” falls into the “not having to do with” category and hence is in third place in Part 1 (of three) of Volume 1.  This is a chunky enough book itself at a tad over 350 pages, but it will be followed by a second volume, continuing the action after The Event (whatever its nature).  For now the first volume is available on Amazon in print by pressing here or for Kindle here, while some background information from Editor Adele Wearing on both books (including why it wound up as two volumes) can be found here.


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