Two More Werewolves Join Summer Poem Sales

June 1 and DWARF STARS.  June 30 and Britain’s URBAN FANTASIST.  Now July 28th.  What do these have in common?  Werewolf poems, that’s what.

It seems like, give or take a few days, I’ve had at least one werewolf poem accepted roughly each month since the beginning of summer.  For June it was “The Werewolf Explains,” revealing in a mere two lines everything one needs to know about lycanthropes — and, as I 1487349_687121981321896_911529637_nunderstand, probably published just about now; one day early to begin July it was “Beware of the Dog,” bringing a working-class sensibility of what to do should a lupine presence threaten to mar the Saturday pub scene.  And now, less than a week from the start of August, Monday’s email has brought the announcement of not one, but two poems accepted by Source Point Press for an upcoming, yet-to-be-named werewolf themed anthology.

This too was one of those “moments before the deadline” submissions, sent one day before the anthology’s July 7 closing.  So sometimes the news gets to me on its own schedule.  But two of four poems I sent have been accepted, “Cruella,” concerning a one-time woman wolf hunter, and “Running,” a paean to the joys of the forest, to be published according to the acceptance email in late October or early November.


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