Playing With Fire: Torched Released by Nocturnal Press; New Bleed Review in The Novel Pursuit; Parisian Nightlife

Three quick items for Saturday just past, the first being the official release of Nocturnal Press’s premiere anthology TORCHED (see July 10, May 23) including my story, “City on Fire.”  The subject of the anthology:  Torched10501926_626074047499457_626757769668289321_nfire, in all its aspects.  A boon or a bane, a blessing or curse?  A bringer of warmth and light, or burning horror?  To find out, press here.

Then Marvin P. Vernon’s blog THE NOVEL PURSUIT, “[m]y pursuit for the perfect novel . . . with an occasional detour into nonfiction,” has taken on a short fiction anthology for a change, giving it five stars out of five.  The anthology is Lori Michelle’s BLEED (see November 24, September 6,), out last year from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, with profits going to the National Children’s Cancer Society.  The review is short (doesn’t even mention my own skin in the game, “King Rat,” but seems perceptive in other matters 🙂 ) but worth taking a look at, especially if you haven’t yet read BLEED yourself, by pressing here.  But then you probably ought to get a copy of the book too, available here.

Finally, courtesy of MESSYNESSY CHIC via artist and poet Marge Simon, a link to a piece on Parisian nightlife of La Belle Epoque — for those who might wish to have planned their Bastille Day celebration (cf. July 14, below) in the 1890s, ici, s’il vous plait!


  1. Congrats! Also, something appropos for the moment:

    “When I am dead, I hope it may be said: “His sins were scarlet, but his books were read.”

    Hilaire Belloc

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