Pour Le Quatorze Juillet – Les Vampires Français

Happy Bastille Day, a mostly pleasant and sunny day here, though interrupted by a brief, hard rainstorm at about 5 p.m. For the Fourth of July we re-reviewed a film, ZOMBIES OF MASS DESTRUCTION (a.k.a. ZMD: ZOMBIES OF musidoraMASS DESTRUCTION) so, just for fun and along the lines of our recent post on “Dracula Fun Facts and Fancy”(see July 1), why not some lore on the Vampires of France?  So herewith two entries, discovered semi-serendipitously, beginning with a fairly straight history of French hemophages by pressing here.  And then let us move to an appreciation of Jacques Sirgent, author of LE LIVRE DES VAMPIRES, combined with a visit to le Musée des Vampires and a stop at Cimetière Père Lachaise, by pressing here.

  1. Fascinating– I am saving that website info. Hope you are enjoying yourself, Jim!

  2. I thought this was particularly interesting in view of Aimée’s being forced to leave France in 1728 in “Casket Girls”: “When the idea of the vampire was introduced into France at the end of the seventeenth century, it was an unfamiliar topic. The subject seemed to have been raised initially in 1693 when a Polish priest asked the faculty at the Sorbonne to counsel him on how he should deal with corpses that had been identified as vampires. That same year, newspaper reports of vampires in Poland appeared in a French periodical, Mercure Galant. A generation later, the Lettres Juives (Jewish Letters), published in 1737, included the account of several of the famous Serbian (mistakenly reported as Hungarian) vampire cases.”

    Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/vampires-in-france#ixzz37bG7du8j

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