ISIS’ NEW CLOTHES: The Tears of Isis New Cover Revealed!

As announced last month (see post for June 27) THE TEARS OF ISIS has gotten an all-new wraparound cover by artist Matthew Revert, noting at the top that the book is a 2013 Bram Stoker Award® nominee for Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection.  Also the back cover matter has been changed, in part to feature a new photo of (ahem) me, taken just this spring at a local prose reading.  Taken, in fact, the first Sunday in April (cf. April 6) depicting me explaining “bizarro” just prior to reading my short short “Rocky Road.”  So we see how things connect, “Rocky Road” in turn having since been bought by DAILY SCIENCE FICTION (cf. May 18).  As for the interior of THE TEARS OF ISIS, however, it remains exactly the same regardless of which cover edition you have.


But enough of that, here is the new cover.  More information including ordering can be found on Amazon by pressing here (including a peek at the back cover with, replacing the previous long blurb, four review excerpts — whereupon one can then check the readers’ reviews section to match the quotes to their original context) or Barnes & Noble here.  Also it can be ordered directly through Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing (though still with a picture of the old cover as of this writing) by pressing here.

  1. I rather like the new cover! I can see it better than the first cover image too. What is inside is what counts, too– hope lots of sales — fantastic collection!!!!!!!!

  2. Marge, thanks — and it’s just in time to bring a couple of copies to show at NASFiC! Let us hope it does well!

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