Another Wolfie Poem to Go to Britain to Close Out June

This year’s June 1 post was headlined “May Ends With Lupine DWARF STARS Poetry Acceptance,” concerning my two-line “The Werewolf Explains,” soon to appear in the Science Fiction Poetry Association’s annual “year’s best” short poetry anthology.  And so to end June a new werewolf poem, “Beware of the Dog,” has just been accepted for the “Grievous Angel:  Flash Fiction & Poetry” section of British editor/publisher/writer Charles Christian’s URBAN FANTASIST.  “Beware of the Dog” is a sort of working-class werewolf poem, gritty around the edges, which tries to put lycanthropy into a proper perspective.  In short, I hope an appropriate fit for the URBAN FANTASIST.

Some of us may recall meeting Charles before as poetry editor of FOCUS, THE BRITISH SCIENCE FICTION ASSOCIATION’S MAGAZINE FOR WRITERS when he reprinted “California Vamp” — one of five vamps to make the Atlantic crossing at that time — in its winter 2012-13 issue (cf. March 26 2013, July 5 2012).  Also in 2012 he had accepted my flash fiction piece “The Dragon Tattoo” for an earlier issue of URBAN FANTASIST (cf. June 30 2012).

According to Charles, he’ll get back to me when he has a date for “Beware of the Dog” to be published.  In the meantime, more on URBAN FANTASIST can be found by pressing here; on DWARF STARS and the SFPA by pressing here.


  1. Congrats, Jim! June has been a good month for you, though they say that Mercury was (still is?) in retro!

  2. Hi Marge! On the other hand, while today I just received a whopping 88-cent (or something) royalty today, I did the accounting for June last night and found no money received for writing whatsoever. But, hey, it’s supposed to be for the love, right?

  3. Ah, yes — the love! Only I don’t submit to FOR THE LOVE markets. I just suck my thumb, for the love. 🙂

  4. Ah, and for publications as well! I sent in the STRANGE HORIZONS “what have you published this month” thing and the best I could say is I received the final galley for my story in THE GIRL AT THE END OF THE WORLD to be published in July. (Which could make things potentially embarrassing for the July report if nothing else has been published that month — or even more so if GIRL is delayed too 😀 )

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