Life of the Dead Cover, Contents Revealed for July Release

”Amidst frightening tales of terror, there lie hidden questions:

”What does it feel like to be dead?
”What motivates undead beings to do what they do?
”What is the scientific rationale behind their existence?
”Why do they always seem so hungry, and seek the flesh of the living?

”Explore the lesser-told stories of zombies and other undead individuals.  Go beyond the horror and discover the true nature of LifeOfDeadpeople risen from the grave!”

So says the blurb for Martinus Press’s “Science-Fictional Look at Zombies, Ghouls, and the Deadly Departed,” LIFE OF THE DEAD (cf. February 17), now scheduled for publication in mid-July.  Moreover, it can be pre-ordered in print for only $12.00, with shipping free in the United States.

My shambler in this salmagundi is a tale of camaraderie that extends beyond the grave among glamorous models, “Girls Gone Dead,” as seen by the man who photographs them yet fears his own career may be dying.  Originally published in NEW DAWN FADES (Post Mortem Press, 2011), “Girls Gone Dead” is seventh in a lineup of nineteen stories as listed, with brief descriptions, below.

More on LIFE OF THE DEAD, including pre-ordering information, can be found here.

Table of Contents:

1: Living Ever After -by Emily Swaim
When the plague of death infects humanity, Evelyn Lifor fights for a cure, but not everyone wants to be cured.

2: Last Request –by Edmund Wells
An undead comedian runs afoul of angry country folk, and has one last shot at the spotlight.

3: Stiffed –by Ken MacGregor and Kerry G.S. Lipp
Jason wakes up dead, but for how long?

4: Death Insurance –by L. Rigdon
After a fatal accident, Samuel Hinkley finds that his death insurance premium has been misplaced by computer error, forcing him to wade through a sea of bureaucracy to claim his rightful rest.

5: The Future –by Mark Olivares
Amidst the zombie apocalypse, there lurks a new sort of hunter.

6: Tickity-Tock –by Joseph Conat
Detectives are on the hunt for a criminal intent on utilizing zombies as a deadly weapon.

7: Girls Gone Dead –by James S. Dorr
Undead models make for modest profit for this professional photographer.

8: And Then There Were None –by Karl G. Rich
Years beyond the zombie wars, a top-secret research group hunts for answers amidst the Siberian permafrost.

9: Cure –by Jay Wilburn
To defeat the zombie menace, great sacrifices must be made, and the cure could be a deadly one!

10: The Miracle of Death –by Edmund Wells
When an eccentric old doctor promises the story of a lifetime, one ambitious young reporter seeks to make a name for herself.

11: Zombie Zoo –by Tim Mucci
On a distant colony world, the remnants of the great zombie plague remain as a fading attraction to space-faring tourists.

12: The Shombie Apocalypse –by Neal Wooten
Questions and controversy plague a society where only women are affected by the zombie affliction.

13: Dead Thoughts –by Ross Baxter
A legendary crime boss hires a college student to perform a controversial experiment on his zombified daughter—to unlock her dead thoughts!

14: Z1 –by JL Mo
The Sauntess race came to Earth with the promise of peace, only to infect mankind with a deadly virus, one they are desperate to cure.

15: Just Another Friday Night –by David Greske
A macabre ensemble gathers for drinks and poker at the local cemetery.

16: The Quantum Dead –by Larry Hinkle
Theoretical physics plays a role in explaining the lives and motivations of the undead.

17: Dread Man Walking –by Barry Rosenberg
Cursed with a horrible disease, one scientist develops a lethal cure for himself.

18: Beau –by Lauren A. Forry
What happens to man’s best friend when the zombie apocalypse strikes?

19: Soul Tracker –by Dan Gainor
A science-fiction epic of alien worlds, conjoined souls, and one man’s quest to become the ultimate warrior.


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