Four Bloody New Poems Accepted by Alban Lake; Untreed Reads Year’s End on “Summer Reading List” Sale

Actually it was five poems at first.  These were ones originally sent to DISTURBED last year but, at Editor Terrie Relf’s request at the time, re-submitted to BLOODBOND.  So, early this morning, came the acceptance from Alban Lake Publishing Assistant Editor Rachel Holt:  “Please accept my apologies in getting to you so late.  Terrie has reduced her workload, and Tyree and I are working to play catch-up. We’d very much like to accept all of these poems for the Nov. 2014 issue of BLOODBOND. These are all wonderful, funny, well-written and well-developed!  Tyree [Campbell] will be in touch with your contract and the details.”

The only problem was, with the earlier complication combined with length of time, one of the poems had, in the meantime, gotten into a package that went to a different publisher.  Oops.  None of this being publisher two’s fault, though, I made the choice and emailed back that I’d have to withdraw one of the poems, but the other poems were all available and I’d be proud to see them in BLOODBOND.  So, while the contract has not come yet, presumably these four poems have been accepted and should be out in BLOODBOND in the fall:  “Valentine Vamp (‘And So to Bed’),” “The Vampire’s Suggestion (‘Don’t Forget Breath Mints’),” “Entertain the Concept, or, A Vampire’s Dilemma,” and “Sinister.”

In unrelated news, Untreed Reads Publishing is in process of setting up a “Summer Reading List” of ebooks to be discounted 30 percent through the end of July.  Most, if not all, are full size books so my three chapbooks with them are not included, but my fourth story is, “Appointment in Time,” as the opening story of the 2012 New Year’s Eve anthology YEAR’S END: 14 TALES OF YearsEndCover-UpdatedHOLIDAY HORROR.  So, for a real bargain for a book that’s worth reading even without my story (not to mention ideally themed to take one’s mind off the summer;s heat!), just click on any of my three books in the center column that aren’t on sale, VANITAS, I’M DREAMING OF A. . . ., or PEDS.  Ironic, eh?  But all will take you to an Untreed Reads Store page that has YEAR’S END on it as a fourth title.

Probably early in July the sale will extend to Untreed Reads books on platforms like Amazon, et al., but Kindle, EPUB, and PDF formats are all available at the Untreed Reads Store as well, with perhaps a few other perks added — not to mention that for us, the authors, eliminating the middleman can bring a better royalty.  For an overview of the Summer Reading List (a few other titles may be added later, but these are the main ones), one can press here, though if you’re specifically interested in YEAR’S END, it’s way at the bottom of the list about six pages down, so I suggest just picking a picture as described in the paragraph above.


  1. Great news, Jim! I’m glad to hear that Alban Lake is still going on with BLOODBOUND, as I knew that Terrie Relf had to cut back on her workload. Good that Rachel Holt is filling Ms. Relf’s former shoes.

    Thanks for the other links!

  2. BLOODBOUND or BLOODBOND, my fingers keep mixing those up. I just made corrections in the post, as well as adding the picture of YEAR’S END to give a bit more visual interest — and I think it’s BLOODBOND, but when I get home with a chance to look up a back issue, I may stand corrected.

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