Sidewalk in Best of JWK Fiction; Girl At the End of the World, The Borrowed Man Final Galley

News for today, from editor and publisher James Ward Kirk:  “Hello, James.  I hope all is well with you.  I am putting together an anthology entitled THE BEST OF JWK FICTION 2013 and would like to include you.  . . .  Are you interested in having your work represented in the anthology?”  The work in question is “The Sidewalk” which was published in the anthology GRAVE ROBBERS (see March 8 2013, June 7 2012) and has the distinction of having nothing whatsoever to do with robbing graves.  Funny story there, it having originally been submitted and accepted for an anthology about visions of Hell, but somehow it ended up in the wrong book.  Diabolical intervention, no doubt (or, perhaps, if one dug a grave way too deep. . . .).

Be that as it may, I have agreed and — JWK moving fast — have received and filled out and just in the last hour returned the contract.  Publication date isn’t known yet, but when I find out you’ll hear about it here.

Also today Adele Wearing of Fox Spirit Books sent a final galley for THE GIRL AT THE END OF THE WORLD, Volume 1:  “Those of you in Volume 1 please take a look at the attached Galley for formatting errors or typos, please check the contents and copyright pages and bio pages as well as your story as this is the last look before it goes into the world.

”Volume 2 will be done once Vol 1 has been corrected but I thought you’d all want a look at the styling for the paperback. :)”

My story in this is a “Tombs”-set piece, “The Borrowed Man” (cf. May 18, January 11, et al.), with the book as a whole scheduled as of now for a July release.


  1. Excellent news, Jim. Rather quixotic how this all came to happen! I’ll bet if you’d been ye editor of the other one, this mistake wouldn’t have occurre(?), but it worked out for the best all around, as you say.

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