If Not Paranoia, How About Claustrophobia? – A Preview of Tunnels/Until the End, an Almost Lagniappe

The things we run across on the internet!  Today’s find:  a preview from Horrified Press of Editor Gavin Chappell’s anthology UNTIL THE END (see December 20 2013, et al.), “an anthology of love vs. the apocalypse,” or, notably, my story in it “Tunnels.”  This is a story first published in Britain, in LEAFING THROUGH in December 2004, as told through the eyes of a child who has spent her whole life in tunnels carved out beneath a once-city.

The catch is this.  Most of the story is actually given in the preview — to read it for yourself press here — but, once you (hopefully) get hooked on what’s going on, there’s a whole page missing!  Well, about a page’s worth of text judging from the print edition, but enough to, once again hopefully, get you to press the link to the left on the site to order a copy of the anthology.

If you don’t, the sample lets you “jump ahead” to see how it all ends (if you don’t mind being exposed again to the little monster/narrator’s horrid diction, but after all it is a child some generations after a nuclear holocaust, who hence may not have had the best schooling).  So you actually do get most of the story, and I’ll call it here an “almost” lagniappe.  But if you’d still like to see it all, there are something like 26 additional tales and poems of, to quote the blurb, “a new dawn — one filled with violent mutations and terrifying consequences” awaiting those who chance to purchase UNTIL THE END.


  1. I jsut read it and loved it, Jim! Even with the missing page. Wow! An A+ little tale, for sure! I like stories set in the aftermath of an apocalypse, myself. And resulting mutations. Like in STAR MAN’S SON 2250 AD by Andre Norton.

  2. Hi Marge, thanks for the compliment, and the comparison — I appreciate it!

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