Hard Luck Reviewed on Becki’s Book Blog; Stoker® Noted in Telling Tales of Terror Blurb Update

“If you’ve ever gone through a rough patch, ever considered ending it — rather than doing just.  one.  more.  day.  Even if you’ve just had one epically bad day, you’ll be able to relate to something in this collection.

“So, grab your drink and get comfy!”

So begins Becki, a.k.a. Shadow Girl, of BECKI’S BOOK BLOG in a very positive and very informative review of Scott Lefebvre’s noir anthology HARD LUCK (see May 7, 6).   In all there are ten stories, of which my (ahem!) “The Winning” is first in the pack, all of which get a succinct HardLuckCoversynopsis in Becki’s review.  For example, my story garners the comment, “James Dorr sure knows how to capture paranoia, and as the character is breaking down — you are descending with them.”  And then Editor Lefebvre is given a word as well, which may sum it up:  “Whenever someone asks me for something, and I don’t owe them anything, I make them tell me a story. Even if the story is a lie, it’s usually interesting.  You have to pay the monkey if you want to hear the music.”

As Becki sees it, all are interesting in HARD LUCK, more of which can be found by pressing here.

In other news, during last month’s trip to World Horror Convention I’d chatted a bit with Damnation Books editor Kim Richards and, among other things, suggested she use THE TEARS OF ISIS’s momentary bask in the sun of Stoker® nominationdom in advertising for their “how-to” book, TELLING TALES OF TERROR: ESSAYS ON WRITING HORROR & DARK FICTION (cf. October 11, January 7 2013, et al.).  Of which guess who wrote the introduction?  Thus I was pleased to notice this afternoon, on the title’s Damnation Books site, the augmented blurb “Introduction by Bram Stoker Award nominated, James Dorr.  Essays on writing horror and dark fiction by authors Kim Richards, Paula Johanson, Bob Nailor, Ivy Reisner, Mitchel Whitington, Carol Hightshoe, Cinsearae Santiago, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Kathryn Meyer Griffith, Lisa Morton, Sephera Giron, and Jason Gehlert.  Includes advice from current publishers.”  Isis might quibble it hasn’t migrated to the Amazon page blurbs yet, but, hey, it’s a start.

To check the blurb for TELLING TALES OF TERROR in its home environment (and perhaps to order the book as well – I think it has some good things to say for, not so much the absolute starting out beginner, but someone with a little bit of experience who’s ready to learn more), click here.


  1. “James Dorr sure knows how to capture paranoia, and as the character is breaking down — you are descending with them.” Is this from personal experience, or observation — just wondering! I’m sure it’s a great read!

  2. I’m not sure how to answer that — but keep it between us! THEY may be watching. . . .

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