The Edge of the World — A Lagniappe

Well, yes, I’ve been away the last few days, though not quite so far as the edge of the world.  In fact right now I’m in Fairfax Virginia in the shadow of STS Discovery, the space shuttle at the Smithsonian annex in nearby Chantilly, which several nieces and I had visited the past two years (cf. May 28 2013, May 8 2012).  And who can forget Arabella the Astronaut Spider?

Astronaut Spider Arabella and Her Web

Astronaut Spider Arabella and Her Web

This time, instead, we went to the movies for GODZILLA 3D but — and I know some critics have bad-mouthed it — my favorite GODZILLA is still the one a few years back with the French commando team, a.k.a. “insurance investigators,” following the big lug to New York City.  However I shall be home on Tuesday, and back again, back again to the workaday world, so, as it happens, if not visiting The Edge of The World myself (and being at the edge of Washington DC doesn’t really count) I did write a poem once called “The Edge of the World.”

So for a completely off-the-wall lagniappe/souvenir of my trip, enjoy one-time Balticon Poetry Contest winner “The Edge of the World” via ABOUT SF, originally published in the BALTICON 40 PROGRAM BOOK (2006), by pressing here.



  1. So love this most worthy Balitcon poetry winner! If you can fathom sea and stars, you’ll enjoy it as have I.

    And welcome back tomorrow on Tuesday, as Wednesay awaits your arrival!

  2. Thanks Marge! Unfortunately it has a couple of typos in it (the “About SF” version had been a transcription with apparently a few finger fumbles), but my copy is at home and the original publication is no longer on the internet (as far as I can find anyway). But I think the spirit of the piece comes through.

    I hope for a smooth, on time trip tomorrow to get me back in time for musicians that eve. Have a new tenor recorder to brag about, bought on Ebay France for 10 Euros (+ e11.85 shipping) as a broken instrument for parts” but one I could fix.

    • Right –I did see some typo’s. But I know it wasn’t so in the original version. Spirit comes shining through! I’m looking forward to hearing of your trip and the new tenor recorder. I wish you well with fixing it and a safe trip home.

  3. Ah, the recorder is fixed. It arrived a week ago Sat. and the damage, as I had hoped (having painfully somewhat translated the descriptions in French), was easily fixable, the major being remounting a key (also putting some fill in a hairline crack just in case, but there wasn’t any air leakage anyway) so the gamble paid off. The question now is mainly whether moisture will build up in it too quickly if I’m playing it for over an hour or so (which can happen in an older instrument), whether I need to oil the bore (probably), but I’m pretty pleased with it so far. (One thing I wanted was good volume on the lower notes which this one gives me!)

    To leave in an hour — off to e-check the weather report for the trip (having been burned by the Chicago weather following WHC)

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