New Dusty Pages Interview Up from Britain

Another month and, for its opening Monday, another interview of me for those interested.  This one is by British writer Sonnet O’Dell, who we’ve met before (cf. March 14; July 29, 22 2013, et al.), on her blog DUSTY PAGES.  So get the straight tip on: the inspiration for THE TEARS OF ISIS (but of course. . . ); my biggest putdown (that is, a putdown of me as a writer — it goes a way back); the literary perils of having a tooth capped; the ever important “Would you rather be trampled by one elephant sized mouse or one hundred mice sized elephants?”; and a hint about why Poe’s name is on ISIS’s dedication page.

What more could one ask for?  Well, there are about sixteen questions in all, plus a couple of blurbs and a sample passage, all of which can be found by pressing here.



  1. Most assuredly some of the interview questions were different! How about those blue pens, for example! I enjoyed your replies and found out some things I didnt’ know about you/your work habits previously.

  2. Hey Marge, now you know my secret, how it all leads to that quotation from Poe (the reference to Sir Philip Sidney in the back cover blurb being simply to establish ISIS’s literary credentials). 😉

  3. Myself, I hope you don’t change that back cover blurb. Just because of two “complaints”? Ha! Their loss, is what I say. 🙂

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