May Ends with Lupine Dwarf Stars Poetry Acceptance

DWARF STARS (cf. October 29 2012, et al.) is an edited yearly anthology published by the Science Fiction Poetry Association from which the best short poem — defined as containing ten lines (100 words for a prose poem) or fewer — published in the previous year is selected. “Anyone may submit their own poems or those of others; there is no limit to how many poems you may submit for the anthology, but only SFPA members may vote for the award.  Submission is open to all genres of speculative poetry, including science fiction, fantasy, horror, and ‘unclassifiable, but speculative.’”  So I submitted a brace of short werewolf poems to this year’s editor, Sandra Lindow, and, as is the fate of those who submit work anywhere, waited.

Actually, though, I did have a hint as to what might result, no guarantee, mind you, but Sandra had said in her acknowledgement:  “Thank you for your submission.  I particularly like the first one.  It makes me smile.”  On such slender threads do our hopes so oft cling!  But sure enough this time, lateish last night I received the good news:  “I am pleased to notify you that your poem ‘The Werewolf Explains’ has been accepted for the DWARF STARS 2014 contest anthology.”  “The Werewolf Explains,” originally published in the April 2013 issue of NIGHT TO DAWN, was — need I say it? — the first of the two poems I had submitted.

Thus ends the month of May on a high note, even if technically only three days after a new moon.  But wolves gotta howl (in this case, in just two lines — short poems, remember?).  For more information on DWARF STARS and the SFPA short poem competition press here, or for the Science Fiction Poetry Association in general press here.


  1. Congratulations, Jim! Of course this deserves a resounding howl!

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