Out of the Abyss: It Took Its Time, But True Dark Has Arrived!

It took its time, but this afternoon’s mail brought my author’s copy of TRUE DARK (cf. October 25 2013, February 21 2012) from Red Skies Press.  “Journey into nightmarish landscapes, into the blackest midnight of your fear . . . into the TRUE DARK, 17 tales guaranteed to make you sleep with the light on.”  Technically the book was actually published back in OctobTrueDarkSmaller (and even then perhaps delayed — the colophon page says September 2013).  But you’ve got to admit, it should be worth the wait.

My story here is called “Gas,” a zombiesque tale of college and science and why not to visit the basement of the Chemistry Building after dark.  By an odd sort of coincidence, October 25, cited above for the official publication announcement of TRUE DARK, was also the acceptance date for my zombiesque (sort of) “The Borrowed Man” for the apocalyptic THE GIRL AT THE END OF THE WORLD by British publisher Fox Spirit (see also May 18, below), another anthology hindered by delays, but seemingly back on track.  So good things, apparently, do come to we who wait.

TRUE DARK is billed as an unthemed anthology, “quite simply an anthology of the best of the best horror,” but if Red Skies Press should seem familiar, I’ve had a couple of other stories in themed books there too, “Jessie” in DREAMS OF DUALITY (see February 13 2012, et al.) and “Ghost Ship” in TECHNO-GOTH CTHULHU (May 2, April 28 2013, et al.).  As for TRUE DARK, more information on it can be found by pressing here.



  1. YES, Jim! I got my contrib copy today too — looking very good! Mine’s a flash (reprint) and yours is a great story –and we’re kind of “shoulder to shoulder” in the TOC.

  2. Hi. Yes, I read yours — icy cold! And good (very nice imagery, especially at the end).

  3. Thanks, Jim. I’m going to read yours this afternoon.

  4. As promised, I read your story and it’s scientifically chillng — not for the claustrophobic. At least the narrator finds his way out of the “maze” — mwhahahaha! Well done (as always!)

  5. Marge, thanks. It is a reprint published almost 20 years ago in the Winter 1994-5 EULOGY. Interestingly, Mort Castle ran across it there and complimented it, suggesting it indicated I was someone to watch. (If I may brag — but then, two decades having since passed, others can judge whether or not I’ve lived up to those words.)

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