A Robot, a Cyborg, and a Martian Walk Into a Space Bar. . . .

So actually that’s the name of the book.  To let them explain it:  “As you might be able to guess, or at least we hope you can guess, this is an anthology of comedic science fiction.  So, if you think you can tickle our funny bone with your SF story, we want to see it. . .  We will also consider fantasy humor, but we would prefer SF.”

They also are willing to consider reprints, though “preference will be given to non-reprints,” so why not, thought I.  The Saturday before last, I sent them a story titled “Toast,” originally published in ABORIGINAL SCIENCE FICTION in Fall 1996, about a sentient robot toaster that has a crush on his human owner.  Then yesterday evening, just eight days later, an acceptance came.

It doesn’t pay much — $10.00 advance and a possible royalty later for stories of 1500 words or more — but that’s still enough to buy a modest pizza.  Also while there’s no definite deadline (“[w]e’re shooting for a mid-2014 release date, but if the anthology fills up fast enough, we’ll release the book earlier”) apparently, at least as of last night, they were still buying.  But “mid-2014” being something like a month away, it might be wise to send them stuff fast.

For those interested, more information on A ROBOT, A CYBORG, AND A MARTIAN WALK INTO A SPACE BAR. . . can be found here.  Also the publisher, Nomadic Delirium Press, appears to have picked up some of the old Sam’s Dot Publishing titles including THE MARTIAN WAVE and THE FIFTH DI. . . , so anyone who may have been looking for those (also SPACEPORTS & SPIDERSILK for younger readers) can find current guidelines by pressing here.


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