“Last” Last Sunday Reading; Flattering Words for Me on Facebook

That’s the Bloomington Writers Guild’s Last Sunday Poetry Reading program which, once again, came on the same day as an Art Museum program about Matisse (see April 27; also March 30, et al.).  But this time I went to the poetry offering, in part because the Writers Guild goes on a summer vacation of sorts at the end of May, and this will be the last one until August.  There are two other events to be sure, one in June and one latish July, but it looks right now like I’ll miss them both, so this, in a sense, was my last hurrah.  At least for the moment.

Featured readers this time were local poets Michelle Fay Deschenes and Eric Rensberger and after came the open mike session at which I read two poems from DARKER LOVES: TALES OF MYSTERY AND REGRET (it and STRANGE MISTRESSES, while primarily short fiction, both have poetry sections at the end), “Dig We Must” and “Summer Cancellations,” concerning graves and deaths peculiar to summer, respectively.

Then — sorry, but I can’t help being flattered — I was greeted earlier this afternoon by an email reference to being tagged on Facebook, plus several comments . . . well, for the page they referred to press here.  The praise is really for Lori Michelle’s charity cancer anthology BLEED, but Facebooker Todd Nelson started it off with a reference to my offering in it, “King Rat” (cf. November 24, September 6, August 27 2013, et al.), then Vincenzo Bilof also noted “a very good story in BIZARRO BIZARRO” (in this case, “Mr. Happy Head,” cf. January 30 2014; December 27, October 12 and 7 2013).  And there’s even a mention by Vincenzo of THE TEARS OF ISIS (for which Isis is flattered too 🙂 )!


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