Cthulhu Haiku II Slithers Into Mailbox

Does Cthulhu slither? Whatever it does, CTHULHU HAIKU II AND MORE MYTHOS MADNESS, to give it its full name, officially published by Popcorn Press in January (cf. January 7, October 25) but with various delays bedeviling its actual appearance in the, um, flesh, was seen today in my very own mailbox.  Sitting now on the table, Cthulhu-Haiju-II-coverpreparatory to more dipping into, ultimately to find its home on a shelf of books in the shade of such titles as BIZARRO BIZARRO, UNTIL THE END, WE WALK INVISIBLE, MISERIA’S CHORALE, and DAILY SCIENCE FICTION, is that a faint pulsing one sees in its pages?  An unhealthy sheen to its garish cover?  But never mind — at last it has appeared. And details on how it can be yours too can be discovered by pressing here.

My slime in this sea-spume consists of five poems, titled (in order of their appearance) “Slow-Motion,” “The Vampiress Dreams of an Evening in Innsmouth,” “Bad Vacation,” “With the Economy What It Is, Maybe We’ll Take Any Job We Can Get,” and “It Must Have Been That New Fish Food.”  The first and last of these are reprints, having had the poor taste to originally appear in CTHULHU A LOVE STORY (PROSPECTIVE: A JOURNAL OF SPECULATION, October 2012), while the remaining three are original to CTHULHU HAIKU II.

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