Early Rising Vampires’ Panel at WHC Sunday

And you thought vampires weren’t morning people!  According to the preliminary schedule for World Horror Convention, in Portland Oregon on May 8 through 11, the hemophages will be up on Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., and I will be with them on a panel with Nancy Kilpatrick, Lisa Manetti, and possible others.  This is very preliminary, of course — in fact one listed “possible other” apparently will have already had to leave Saturday night — but it’s a start.  Also, while that’s the only panel I’m listed on for the moment, I have put in a specific request to join Linda Addison, Rain Graves, Mike Arnzen, and Dan Clore on “Verse and Violence” (that is, the horror poetry panel) on Friday afternoon.

So that will leave Saturday to be a fan, browsing other people’s panels, checking the dealers’ and art rooms, maybe sightseeing. . . .  Until, that is, Saturday night when, at the Stoker® Banquet, I will await word on ISIS’s fate in the Fiction Collection award category.  “Isis anticipates, I sweat bullets.”  But so it goes, eh?

Then for one other scheduling item, I will also be part of the Mass Autograph Signing Friday evening.  However I will be traveling light, which means I’ll only be able to bring a couple of copies of THE TEARS OF ISIS to show, and I understand the publisher, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, won’t be able to have a table there to sell them either.  So if you don’t have a copy, or want one, please consider ordering it now and bringing it with you — because I’ll be delighted to sign it!  (Also check out the dealers room anyway since there may be anthologies or other books there with stuff by me in it.)

And, given my Sunday panel, I may bring a few copies myself to sell of VAMPS (A RETROSPECTIVE), my poetry book about . . . vampires.


  1. Sounds like a plan to me, Jim! Wishing you ALL success. Sorry your publisher can’t be there with copies of TEARS OF ISIS. I’ll be with you in spirit and best wishes.

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