PDF Proof for Fantastic Stories; A Belated Happy Bat Appreciation Day!

A proof copy arrived today of FANTASTIC STORIES PRESENTS: SCIENCE FICTION SUPER PACK #1 (cf. April 9, March 31), and what a super pack it is!  More than 700 pages with some shockingly big name authors represented, among whom I am humbled to appear as well.  This is a reprint-only anthology (my entry, “No Place to Hide,” was originally published in the long-defunct professional journal SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW) and will, according to another announcement, be followed by at least one FANTASY SUPER PACK as well, for which there are still a few slots open.  Perhaps I’ll submit to that one too — but as for now, more information will be forthcoming asBatAppreciationDay soon as I have it.

On other matters:  My apologies that I missed this one, National Bat Appreciation Day on April 17.  Or, to quote the site, “[t]his is the best time of the year to celebrate bats as they are now beginning to emerge from hibernation and National Bat Appreciation Day is also a good time to learn about bats roles in nature.”  So, better four days late than never, eh?  For more, press here — and don’t miss, especially, the list of Fun Bat Facts the site includes!  And if that weren’t enough, for celebration hints for use any time of year, be sure to check here.

Kudos go to Suford Lewis for bringing Bat Appreciation Day to my attention. And don’t forget (again from the site), “the ‘insectivorous’ bats rid our world of many bothersome insects.  In one hour, they can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes.”


  1. With much going on this month, I also forgot about Bat Appreciation Day. Not that I always do. I didn’t even know about it. But I’m glad you mentioned it. Bats are not evil. I recommend your readers to check out the site. I have known their place in our habitat for many, many years.

  2. On the second link, my favorite in the suggestions for ways to celebrate was this one: “Dress up like a bat! Why wait for Halloween? Do it now!” including its link on the words “Dress up” that leads to a site on bat costumes (not that I’m about to follow that advice myself). However you’re right — bats are valuable even if often unappreciated — and a number are endangered as well including, locally, the Indiana brown bat.

  3. At bottom of that link/page (of very delightful suggestions! vVv )
    it mentions National RAT day. I think I shall skip that one.

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