Nightmare Stalkers & Dream Walkers Available Also on Google Play

Following the availability of its Kindle edition (see April 11), Horrified Press has announced today that its NIGHTMARE STALKERS & DREAM WALKERS anthology can also be purchased via Google Play for $3.00 — and, at least as of my check this afternoon, possibly at a markdown from that.  I would assume that the discount is temporary, but to check it out for yourself, press here.  My story in this one is the somewhat surrealistic “Flesh,” about a person whose dreams instruct him to get fat, and was originally published in the Spring 1999 issue of MAELSTROM SPECULATIVE FICTION.

  1. Every time I turn around, you’ve sold a reprint of a cool story, Jim! I wish I was as prolific and with you great talent for weaving yarns, long or short. Honest! Happy Easter!

  2. Yes, Happy Easter to all! Thank you!

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