Casket Girls in Daily Science Fiction Archives, Available Now for Non-Subscribers; Aimée to Star in Collaborative Poem in Night to Dawn

Aimée et les filles à les caissettes, “Casket Girls” (cf. April 10), is now available to all readers in DAILY SCIENCE FICTION’s archives.  Just go to the main site at and press “Recent Stories” on the left to find it, or, alternatively, one can reach it directly by pressing here.  And while you’re at it, for those who don’t mind delving deep into the musty archives of years long past, two other ursuline1stories of mine dwell within: “Naughty or Nice,” the tale of a Parisian vampiress’s Christmas adventure, and “Killer Pot” about, um, skin treatments for the twenty-first century — but with Victorian roots as well.  Or, maybe the best thing to do is just read it. For these anyhow, go back to the DSF main page and this time put “Dorr” (or “dorr”) in the box on the right where it says “SEARCH.” (Hint: Don’t use “James Dorr” or “James S. Dorr” — through the magic of modern electronics you’ll get a scroll of every author with the name James, or in one case even just the initial J; similarly, while the titles of the stories will work, in the case of “Killer Pot,” you will first get a story called “Coffee Pot” — go figure).

Speaking of goofiness, it came to pass that after “Casket Girls” went to subscribers, fellow poet, artist, and sometime-commenter Marge Simon emailed me with the beginning lines of a poem honoring (in an admittedly silly, good-humored way) our Aimée, with an invitation for me, if I wished, to add a few more lines.  I did and sent it back, she added a few more, I added a few more and thus “Aimee, the Casket Girl” was written.  But that’s not all.  We tossed around a few places we might send it, I suggesting one that had published another sort of silly poem of mine with an illustration by Marge a while back (see “Well-Dressed Vampiress Finds a Home,” July 27 2012).  So it is that yesterday Barbara Custer of NIGHT TO DAWN e-mailed Marge back, “I’ve published James Dorr’s work before . . . [l]ove the one you did together and got a good laugh.  I’d like to publish it in NTD 27.”  And not only that, Marge may be supplying an illustration to go with this one too!



  1. Yes! Composing our little “ode” to Aimee was fun and I’m glad it will have a home. 🙂

  2. Love the illustration too!

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