Les Filles à les Caissettes Sont Ici! Call It a Lagniappe?

Yes, they have arrived, “Casket Girls” (cf. April 3) as they’ve been called in English, first in New Orleans in 1728 and now, if you subscribe to DAILY SCIENCE FICTION, in your own e-mailbox! What did they come for and at whose behest? What did they really bring with them from France? Find out all this and more and, should you not be a subscriber yourself, you can subscribe for free at their website, reachable by pressing here!

One might argue, in fact, that DAILY SCIENCE FICTION is worth a look even without my story — my third for them actually, two having appeared in 2011 and still available in the DSF archives. The first, Ursuline_Convent_New_Orleans_1733“Killer Pot,” was in August that year and the second, the vampiric Christmas tale “Naughty or Nice,” in December (cf. August 16, 9 and December 28, 21, et al.). But more than that, as a subscriber you’ll receive another free story every day except on weekends.

And even if you don’t subscribe, “Casket Girls” will go into the archives itself next Thursday, April 17, a week from today, where it can be read by anyone on the internet. So I’m calling it a lagniappe as well, as a free gift for reading this blog, even though it’s technically courtesy of DSF Editors Michele Barasso and Jonathan Laden.


  1. This is simply a delightful (delightfully wicked) little story. I gave it 7 out of 7 rockets and left a comment of praise at DSF. Little wonder they took it! Now we both have 3 sales there. May more be in line for you in the future!

  2. Aimée says “Merci!” (as do I as well)

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