Busy, busy, busy.  On an otherwise nondescript Tuesday, the peak activity of which was to be a reading of the first week’s worth of “Poem-A-Day” poetry (see April 1), what should e-appear in my computer mailbox but a contract for a book to be called OMNIBUS:  MONK PUNK/SHADOW OF THE UNKNOWN from Aaron French.  Now there’s something that needs to be known about contracts, at least for anthologies, and that’s that the name of the actual story it’s for is usually not included, but rather is represented by a blank line for the author to fill in.  And, perhaps because it’s been a busy year so far with THE TEARS OF ISIS related stuff (you know what I mean 😉 ) and all, I had no memory of having even sent, much less having had accepted a story for something called OMNIBUS etc. (though I did have a memory of an anthology to be called MONK PUNK a few years back, mainly that I had not submitted a story to it).  Mystery, mystery!  Research, however, uncovered that I had had a story in a different anthology, THE SHADOW OF THE UNKNOWN, published in summer 2011 (cf. August 29 that year), and from there came the solution:  a combined reissue of these two anthologies is in the offing, from a new publisher, in which my THE SHADOW OF THE UNKNOWN story “The Festering,” itself a reprint originally published in the magazine BARE BONE, was to appear.

Who knew?  (Well, me now.)

So I signed that one and emailed it back at about the time another one came, this one from British Editor Theresa Derwin with the subject line “Zombie Anthology.”  It’s always nice to narrow these things down.  The cover letter, however, made reference to ZOMBIES GONE WILD and a relatively easy look-up revealed that the story in question was “The Dripping Nose that Wouldn’t Wipe” (cf. March 27 2012 — this story also a reprint, first published in the half-vampire/half-zombie anthology TOOTH DECAY), originally accepted for an  as yet untitled followup volume.  So that, too, was signed and sent back yesterday evening just in time for. . . .

A late Tuesday email from Editor Warren Lapine with a contract for “No Place to Hide” (yet another reprint, originally appearing in SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW) to be in his new FANTASTIC STORIES PRESENTS anthology.  This one is easy, the acceptance having come mere days ago (see March 31), but, weary from reading and signing things by now, I’m going to let it wait until later on Wednesday.

(And, just to be a completest, I also wrote and received emails Tuesday from Nicole Benz of Dark Regions Press, which could lead to updated, um, contracts for my collections STRANGE MISTRESSES:  TALES OF WONDER AND ROMANCE and DARKER LOVES:  TALES OF MYSTERY AND REGRET.)

So what do writers do when they’re not writing?  Well, this is one answer.


  1. Well, don’t we love these types of days!! Spending almost all of it signing contracts –YES! Bravo, Jim! As they say, when it rains… (contracts)…

  2. Marge, thanks. Yes, there is that good side to it! (Signed and sent back the third one today, incidentally.)

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