The Fate of Bookstores — Possibly Better than Some Have Thought?

Good news for those who still like to browse through bookstores!  Hooray for the printed books that they sell!  An interesting topic on the “imminent death” of brick-and-mortar bookstores being perhaps prematurely reported is currently available on  And not only that, the bookstore revival seems to be primarily among smaller, independent bookstores — your friendly neighborhood book nook, as it were.  While the article doesn’t address it, that would seem to include specialty bookstores, such as those for horror and other genres like mystery or science fiction.

Kudos go to Lisa Morton for pointing this one out via Facebook.  To read it for yourself, press here.



  1. One or more of our used book stores here manage because they sell their used books on Amazon and charge a small fee.
    But it’s well and good that used book stores are still alive!

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