Aimée et les Filles à les Caissettes — “Casket Girls” Scheduled for Daily Science Fiction April 10

A bit of proofreading to do in the next few days came from DAILY SCIENCE FICTION along with the announcement that my story, “Casket Girls” (cf. November 24 and 19 2013), is scheduled to go out to subscribers next Thursday, April 10.  And who might these girls be?  St._Louis _Cathedral_1790sWell there’s this sort of urban legend about New Orleans. . . .  But one needn’t go into details here since one can read it for oneself in a week.

DAILY SCIENCE FICTION is sort of a neat thing itself, a free ezine that sends its subscribers a new science fiction, fantasy, or horror story every weekday morning.  These are generally pretty short — about the right length for enjoying with one’s second cup of coffee — and, if I may repeat, absolutely free courtesy of Editors Jonathan and Michele.  They pay a professional rate to writers too, and the quality of stories they present is generally high.

“Casket Girls,” of the coquettish Aimée, exiled from her home, and what really happened, will be my third for DAILY SCIENCE FICTION, with two previous tales published in 2011 titled “Naughty or Nice” and “Killer Pot” (see May 5 2012, December 28 and 21, August 16 2011, et al.).  More information can be found here, including directions for subscribing to DSF and archives for those who might wish to read my previous stories there.


  1. Bravo again, Jim! I look forward to reading “Casket Girls” in DSF. You da man!

  2. And let us not forget, sweet lesbian vampire love. 🙂

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