Traditional Publishing Vs. Self Publishing: Read It and Weep Whichever You Choose; Altered America Received

I occasionally run across arguments, often by people who’re looking into self publishing, about why that’s a better choice than going through a regular editor/publisher arrangement under an imprint other than your own (or Amazon’s or some for-pay press).  So this seemed worth checking out, a report of an admittedly unscientific poll of some thousands of writers about which they thought was really best based on their own experience.  But let blogger Barbara Rogan explain:

“An interesting study about publishing and writers recently came out, and one thing is clear: writers are not a happy lot.

“The study, called the 2014 Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest Author Study, is based on responses from 9,210 aspiring, published and self-published writers to a survey conducted in the fall of 2013. The lead researcher was Dana Beth Weinberg, professor of sociology at Queens College in NYC. You can download the report in full from Digital World for a mere $295; if that seems a bit steep, you can get the gist of the results from Digital Book World’s post and this one by Dr. Weinberger herself.”

Kudos first to The Horror Sociey for publicizing Rogan’s report, to be found on BARBARA ROGAN — IN COLD INK.  And then, to read it for yourself, press here.

Then in other news, Martinus Publishing’s alternate history anthology ALTERED AMERICA (cf. March 19, 14, et al.) has been published, a copy arriving in my mailbox yeaterday afternoon.  My bull in this china shop is called “Avoid Seeing a Mouse,” a tale of Y2K fears, Ancient Egypt, and why some days are decidedly worse than others, originally published in ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES (Dark Moon Books, 2012).


  1. You might be interested to know or note that the HWA is establishing a committee to work on rules for self publishing in order to obtain Active membership in the future. 🙂

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