“Mystery Quotation” At Last Revealed on Writerly Wednesday

Let us go back to February 17. That was when I announced that today’s interview, featuring . . . moi . . . with lore on writing as well as THE TEARS OF ISIS, would include “an all-new excerpt from one of the stories.”   But which story? — ah, that’s where the mystery lay.

Today, however, it has been answered in Sally Franklin Christie’s WRITERLY WEDNESDAY column.  And not only that, find out my favorite word processing program (hint: it may not be the same as yours).  Do I write alone or in the company of peers?  What lurks beneath my bed?

As for the mystery tale, though, in past interviews I’ve quoted from the collection’s title story, “The Tears of Isis.”  But this one is different.  In a comment on my February 17 post I did give one hint, suggesting it was a story that one of my reviewers on Amazon had specifically singled out.  I can say now that other reviewers have mentioned it too, but, as for the answer. . . .

Well, the answer came a bit late today due to computer glitches at Sally’s end, but — better late than never! — to see all for yourself you may now press here.


  1. So it was “Waxworms” –good one!

  2. And if it wasn’t Waxworms, I’m scratching my head!

  3. Yes, “Waxworms.” And in a way by popular vote since I think that’s the one the most people (at least of those reviewing THE TEARS OF ISIS on Amazon) cited specifically as a favorite.

  4. Well, one of the ones most people cited (we’re talking real big numbers here, like “3”) : )=

  5. Three comments may have come from “The Big Three”, so don’t knock that number, folks! (Peter Straub, Steve King, and Ann Rice)!! 😉

  6. Well, there are eleven reviews in all on Amazon at last count, but don’t let that stop readers from adding more. (Nice ones, of course — natch? 😉 )

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