HWA Horror Poetry Showcase Set for April; Also Writers Digest Poem-A-Day

For horror poets and poets in general here are two announcements that may be of interest.  The first is from the Horror Writers Association via David C. Kopaska-Merkel and the Science Fiction Poetry Association (excerpted from the HWA’s press announcement):

“To celebrate National Poetry Month, the Horror Writers Association will be holding their inaugural HWA HORROR POETRY SHOWCASE in April 2014.  Open to all poets, the SHOWCASE will be accepting submissions throughout the month of April with four poems chosen by HWA member judges to be honored on the HWA website.

“We are looking for more than ‘blood, guts, worms,’ etc.  Just being ‘icky’ isn’t enough.  Poetry to fifty lines.  Free verse preferred; no forced rhyme or cliches.  Unpublished poems only (though previously published poets are, of course, welcome).

“Submissions will be accepted via Submittable from April 1-30, 2014 and all rights will remain with the poets.  In addition, at the judges’ discretion, an electronic chapbook of qualifying poems will be considered for publication under the aegis of HWA.  Each poem chosen for publication will be paid $5.

“For the 2014 SHOWCASE the judges will be Marge Simon, Peter Adam Salomon, and Jonathan Maberry.”

Then April is also the month of WRITERS DIGEST Poetry Editor Robert Brewer’s Poem-A-Day challenge (see November 1 2013, et al.), in which he supplies poets with a daily prompt to use as a springboard, resulting (for those who take the bait) in thirty new poems at least drafted by May.  In my experience, some of these will be crummy, some good, and a lot potentially good with a bit of judicial rewriting — but rewriting is part of the game anyway.  Perhaps more to the point, a number of poems I’ve written for these challenges have ultimately resulted in sales.

Brewer offers a similar daily challenge each November as well as, for the off-months, a weekly poetry prompt every Wednesday.  For more information — or to try it out (it’s run as a part of Brewer’s regular blog, so more goodies may sometimes be found there too!) — poets may press here.


  1. Jim, thanks for plugging the poetry contest! However, Rocky asked that we not advertize the Submittable link until April 1st when it goes live. The link hasn’t gone “live” for the Poetry contest and we don’t want folks posting poems to Submittable yet. Marge

  2. Actually the link led to a message saying something like “the destination you’re looking for isn’t available yet” and then with some messages about next year’s awards being open for recommendation, that is with no place anyone could submit a poem prematurely (I test links before I post them). However, I’ve disabled it.

    • Oh, many thanks for letting me know. I tried Submittable and it gave me the Stoker categories to nominate in. Excuse ending with preposition. Maybe this happened because I’m on the Board or something. Anyway, great!

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