Altered America Interview Goes Live

“If I could go back in time, what historical event would I like to change (hint:  don’t pick killing Hitler, everyone wants to do that)?”  I’m not quoting these exactly, but that’s the idea.  “What event would I want not changed?”  And so it goes, a new interview of me with Martin Ingham for ALTERED AMERICA (cf. March 14, et al.) is now available, along with a link for more details on the alternate history anthology itself.  My entry in this, “Avoid Seeing a Mouse,” has ancient Egypt saying hello to the USA at the last millennium’s end and, needless to say, is covered in the interview too.  But to discover what’s wrong with seeing mice, you’ll have to read the story yourself.

Also, of course, there’s a mention of THE TEARS OF ISIS, but commerce is commerce, and maybe there’s a little more about me there as well.  And also comments on music and movies and television and new publications to look forward to — to read the interview for oneself one need only press here.


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