“One Hundred Mice Sized Elephants”; Altered America Set for End of March

Say what?!?  Well, there was one question that went like this in my latest interview by British blogger Sonnet O’Dell:  “Would you rather be trampled by one elephant sized mouse or one hundred mice sized elephants?”  So take a moment.  Think a little.  Which would you rather?  For me, the answer to that, plus some fifteen more questions (most more serious, some of them even — guess what? — about THE TEARS OF ISIS) is scheduled to appear on Sonnet’s DUSTY PAGES “Meet A Writer Monday” column on June 2.  More will appear here when the date arrives.

We may remember Sonnet O’Dell from last summer when I appeared in DUSTY PAGES the first time, even then plugging TEARS, of course, but back when Isis was still young and naive, virtually unreviewed.  How far she’s come since!  But that was then (cf. July 29, et al.) and now is now, with an (almost) all new set of questions and answers for this June’s first Monday.

(Whereas, for a re-view of last summer’s interview, it’s still up here.)

And, speaking of interviews, I’m also tentatively scheduled to have one with Martinus Publishing’s Martin Ingham asAlteredAmericaFrontsm part of the publicity for ALTERED AMERICA (see March 2, January 3).  The date for this has not yet been set, but the anthology itself is now officially scheduled for a March 31 release.  Also I now have a cover picture.  My story in this, originally published in ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES (see November 5 2012, et al., including its own pre-publication interview October 9), is one of Y2K jitters and mythological Egyptian hijinks titled “Avoid Seeing a Mouse.”  There’s no relation between this, however, and THE TEARS OF ISIS (although the latter will probably be mentioned in the interview, more on which will appear here when known.)


  1. I’d rather not be trampled by anything or anyone. But how about a hundred elephant sized fans eager to read TEARS OF ISIS?

  2. Are they voting members of HWA? (Or am I allowed to ask that?)

    Or would they just hide the books in their TRUNKS?

  3. OH you’re just TOO clever! HA! Any elephant sized phan would never hide your books in his trunk! He would share, just like Barbar did with his stuff.

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