A Zombie Twofer: Cold, Lifeless Fingers and Olé Bubba

Sometimes things seem scarcely to move at all, then sometimes they move fast.  This is a case of the latter.  Only hours after the previous entry on my guest post about marketing and its tale of the odyssey of THE TEARS OF ISIS from casual conversation to print, the first of two emails arrived in my inbox.  This was an acceptance from Theresa Derwin of a dark-humored reprint, “Olé Bubba and the Forty Steves,” for the upcoming British anthology THE PUN BOOK OF HORROR.  The story itself originally appeared in Yard Dog Press’s INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF BUBBAS in 2005, about a zombie apocalypse flareup in Pamplona, Spain and its strange effect on the annual running of the bulls.  To be published by Fringeworks, Theresa hopes to get the book out fast, at least in time to advertise it — if not actually have printed copies — at SciFi Weekender in Wales at the end of March.

And then, even before the celebratory champagne could come out (or in my case, actually a cappuccino — but with whipped cream!) another email came, this from Editor Bill Olver of BIG PULP, accepting another reprint story, “Cold, Lifeless Fingers,” for an as-yet-untitled zombie-themed anthology.  “Successful subs will look outside the box.  We’ve seen zombie hordes, zombie hunters, and zombie super-heroes.  What else have you got?”  In this case a story originally published in the October 1999 GC MAGAZINE, now set to come out next year in April 2015 about a traditional Haitian zombie who has come to America, he knows not how, and a misunderstanding-prone encounter with a local who is into defending his Second Amendment rights.


  1. Mega congrats, Jim! The world needs your reprints, as not everyone has read the originals!

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