Altered America Contents Announced, Ready for Pre-Order; Weather 2, First Sundays 1

Once again winter semi-gloom has descended upon the local land, in this case with little snow so far, but enough, with ice, to make traveling conditions slippery.  This was the day for the Bloomington Writers Guild First Sundays prose reading (see February 2, January 5, et al.) but, at a little after noon today, it’s been officially postponed.  Joining January’s cancellation that makes two for the three months so far this year that have fallen prey to winter weather — April, one hopes, will not have the same problem.  Meanwhile as for me, my planned open mike reading of “Rocky Road,” an absurd little story of how taking up cannibalism can have an unexpected effect on one’s dating life, will just have to wait until April too (but readers here, if they haven’t already, are invited to read “Koko’s Rabbit” — another tale concerning absurdity and dating — using the link in February 28’s post below).

And all isn’t gloomy!  Yesterday an announcement came that Martinus Books’s alternate history anthology ALTERED AMERICA (cf. January 3) is on the verge of publication.  With it has come a listing of the contents with brief descriptions, for which see below — including my Y2K tale of Egyptian rodents and Memphis Tennessee, “Avoid Seeing a Mouse” — along with its opening for pre-publication orders at a discounted price of $11.50.   As for my story, itself a reprint from ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES (Dark Moon, 2012), it was my first acceptance this year so, despite the weather perhaps slowing some activities, 2014 — with all the other things that have been happening! — seems to be off to a pretty good start.

For more on ALTERED AMERICA press here.

Table of Contents:

Rio Grande -by Jackson Kuhl
Lorenzo seeks vengeance against the crooked card shark who wronged him, and his quest leads him to the independent nation of Rio Grande.

We The People -by Dan Gainor
A billionaire rancher seeks to rekindle the spirit of America… by cloning the Founding Fathers!

A Single Decision -by Bruno Lombardi
The ultimate sacrifice is asked of a young fighter pilot on 9/11/2001, with lasting repercussions.

What If… The Louisiana Purchase Never Happened -by Edmund Wells
Tensions abound amongst the many North American countries, even as John F. Kennedy is elected president of United New England.

The Orthogonian -by Sam Kepfield
The fate of relations between the United States and USSR hangs in the balance, and FBI Assistant Director Richard Nixon must make a historic decision.

Revolution 1865 -by Brad Hafford
Allan Pinkerton investigates revolutionary groups in the American colonies for His Majesty, Prince Edward.

Ship of Souls -by Erik Bundy
The fate of a Norse colony near Croatan lands lies in the hands of a young witch.

End of the Rainbow -by Dusty Wallace
An ancient conflict between Leprechauns and Elves reaches its climax in modern day America.

The Loyalist Washington -by Owen Morgan
Given a commission with the Royal Army, Colonel George Washington must snuff the seeds of rebellion in America.

Guns of the Green Mountains -by Ryan McCall
As the Redcoats are recapturing America in 1802, soldiers in the Free Republic of Vermont continue the fight for independence.

The Shining Path -by Jason Sharp
A jaded reporter rediscovers his purpose in US-occupied Quebec during the 1970’s.

The Union Forever -by Sean Menken
Northern patriots plot rebellion after Maryland votes to join the Confederacy.

Goodbye, Norma Jean -by William R.D. Wood
As the bombs fall, JFK mistress Marilyn Monroe awaits the return of her knight in shining armor.

Wild Blue -by Jeff Provine
Balloon couriers brave the treacherous skies over North America during the 1850’s.

Avoid Seeing A Mouse -by James S. Dorr
A great evil of ancient Egypt comes forth to plague the country leading up to Y2K.

Thomas Edison Visits Selwood -by Martin T. Ingham
Nevada 1882: In a world where magic merges with history, famed innovator Thomas Edison comes to the town of Selwood to showcase his inventions, only not everyone is pleased by his technological progress.

Divided States of America -by Lauren A. Forry
In a balkanized, war-torn America, a young soldier tries to make her way to neutral territory, only to befriend a BBC reporter with a price on her head.

A Girl’s Best Friend -by Cyrus P. Underwood
A candid interview with Marilyn Monroe at age 86.

The Lights on Broadway -by Charles Wilcox
Thomas Spinnaker gets more than he bargained for when he applies for a job with the power company in 1903.

The Black Blizzard -by Philip Overby
During the Great Depression, a half-baked scheme to sell a Minotaur ends badly for two brothers, as an unnatural storm stirs.

The Road Was Lit With Moon and Star -by Bruno Lombardi
The Apollo 11 moon landing has failed, resulting in the deaths of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Now, David Daniel Thomas Patton must complete the mission, and take that one small step…


  1. Bravo, Jim! Looks of great interest!

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