It’s Official, I’m Going to World Horror; A Celebratory Lagniappe

What with THE TEARS OF ISIS on (as it were) the banquet menu and not only that but World Horror Conventions are fun, I’ve finally taken the official plunge, filled out the form, put my registration money down, and am now an official member of the 2014 World Horror Convention.  For those not yet signed up, it’s on May 8 through 11 this year in Portland Oregon, so part of what I was doing today was scoping out air fares and times to make sure I, who am not rich (hey, I’m a writer, need I say more?), could swing the transportation.  The answer to that, a conditional “yes,” though it remains to be seen if I can work it to avoid camping out all night in Indianapolis or, on the way back, a three-hour-plus layover in Chicago.  And then there’s the question of the hotel — the convention one isn’t all that expensive, but there could be others that might suit me better (also as in New Orleans last year, the hotels seem not to offer airport transportation, but apparently there’s a light rail line one can commute in on at not too much cost).

Then there are restaurants and that sort of stuff too — groceries, sandwich shops. . . .  How much luggage can I carry and should I leave room free, well, just in case (I have handled the little haunted houses the last two years, so I do have a sense of the size and weight)?

The Cave Cat Wednesday

The Cave Cat Wednesday

And who will feed the cave cat Wednesday?

Well, that last one is actually fairly well settled (though Wednesday doesn’t know it yet), but, speaking of pets, let’s have a little celebration, a story, free, for those of a mind for one.  A bizarro-ish (surrealist?  absurdist?  dumb?) tale of a different pet who told stories, and not always of the pleasantest kind — which, come to think of it, is somewhat like us, who write horror.  The story is titled “Koko’s Rabbit,” originally published in January 2010 in issue #1 of UNTIED SHOELACES OF THE MIND (cf. December 23 2010, et al.), and can be enjoyed by pressing here.


  1. Loved your story! You devil you! And I’m very excited for you –I wish you a safe trip and all the luck for a deserved little house!

  2. Marge, thanks — will you be there too?

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