“I Won’t Help Her Wipe the Tears Away” — New Five-Star Review for The Tears Of Isis

Actually Isis is rather happy, the headline referring to a new review of THE TEARS OF ISIS by author, poet, and reviewer Vincenzo Bilof.  This is the tenth to appear on Amazon and perhaps the nicest one to date!  Isis basks.

To pull out a few quotes:  “I was reminded of the old HEAVY METAL cartoon; Dorr’s storytelling never ventured into the same exploitative style, but instead, each story was written with a different style, almost as if each piece were written by a different writer.  I think the greatest challenge with a story collection is keeping the reader interested enough to isiscovermasterfinalebook1-copy-201x300read all of the stories.  Most authors have a familiar style that fans of their work can connect with; even the short story masters, like Lovecraft and Barker, arguably maintained similar writing styles throughout their narratives.

“TEARS OF ISIS is interesting because the storytelling methods are diverse.  I wanted to see what Dorr was going to do next.  Here are stories of the grotesque, and stories of personal horror . . . It seemed that Dorr decided to tackle a familiar horror trope — or even popular horror film — with each of his stories, but make them HIS.

“Each character seemed distinct, and most importantly, interesting.  I’ve gone through many anthologies where I paused between stories for an extended period of time, but for TEARS OF ISIS, I couldn’t help but see what Dorr had up his sleeve in the next story.  Even though each story was distinct, I felt like there was a sense of ‘mythology,’ as the title might suggest.  As if each story presented a museum-like gallery of horror stories that were a homage to a fear-mythos. . . .”

I bask.

To read the review in its entirety, along with Amazon’s other reviews (though one or two toward the bottom may not be quite as nice) press here.  The review also appears on Goodreads where it can be found here.


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