Girls Gone Dead Tagged for Life of the Dead Antho; Writerly Wednesday Interview Mar. 26

First blood for February, as it were, was spilled today with the acceptance of my story “Girls Gone Dead,” originally published in Post Mortem Press’s 2011 anthology NEW DAWN FADES (cf. November 8 2011, et al.), by Martinus Publishing for LIFE OF THE DEAD.  “Tales of undead terror have been woven into the fabric of modern society,” so said the guidelines, “and amidst the blood and gore lie hidden questions:  What motivates these reanimated cadavers to do what they do?  What is the scientific rationale behind their existence?  Why do they always seem so hungry, and seek the flesh of the living?  All very scientific queries begging for answers.”

Or could it be that their undead desires aren’t so far from what they strove for in life — this was the premise of what I submitted, a tale of sisterhood in a way, of how friends in life weren’t going to let a little thing like death break up their relationship.  And, indeed, how popular taste might help them to go on.  But would it be right for this new anthology?

Editor Martin T. Ingham has now spoken:  “Thanks for sending ‘Girls Gone Dead’ to the LIFE OF THE DEAD anthology.  I enjoyed this atypical zombie story, and I’m pleased to accept it into the collection.”

More will be shared here as it transpires.

In the meantime, for those who wish to know more about me, I’ve gone and been interviewed one more time, this time for Sally Franklin Christie’s WRITERLY WEDNESDAY with simultaneous posting on SALLYFRANKLINCHRISTIE.COM.  The date for this will be the last Wednesday in March, March 26, with links to appear here on that date.  Or, for a preview, WRITERLY WEDNESDAY can be found by pressing here, and Sally’s other site by pressing here.

Whichever you choose though, on March 26 you can be sure that, along with new questions answered about me, there will be material on THE TEARS OF ISIS including an all-new excerpt from one of the stories.

(Which story?  I’m not saying until the interview is published. 😉 )

  1. Please make it my favorite short one — you know what that one is! Teaser!!

  2. It may be one that you have mentioned, . . .

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