Dracula: Between Love and Death, “Where the Dead Fear to Tread”


The Vampire, Philip Burne-Jones, 1897

And here it is, as advertised Monday (cf. February 3), the review of DRACULA:  ENTRE L’AMOUR ET LA MORT.  And in French to boot (the movie, that is, not the review), perfect for upcoming Valentine’s Day romance.  Add some hot chocolate or maybe an ice-cold sherry, a fine amontillado, depending on weather; an intimate room, dimly lit and inviting; a comfortable couch.  The DVD begins. . . .

And there aren’t even subtitles to distract you — well that’s on the down side, actually, but the review itself is on M. R. GOTT’S CUTIS ANSERINA, a.k.a., WHERE THE DEAD FEAR TO TREAD, and it gives enough of a description of what’s going on to allow you to just let the music take over.  Then added to that, your knowledge of DRACULA, the book, will allow you to steer your significant other (or other-to-be) through the various intricacies of plot.

And there’s even more.  While not in the order of presentation, English translations to most of the songs can be found by pressing here.  The link also appears, spelled out, at the bottom of the review, but when I checked it on WHERE THE DEAD SEEMED TO TREAD it didn’t seem to be live.  Or is that simply a limitation on the cave computer here?  Either way it should work by clicking the link just above on this page and, in a few moments, I’ll add a comment at that end directing folks to come here if they need to.

So. for the review itself, go to today’s WHERE THE DEAD FEAR TO TREAD by pressing here.

And again, if the link to the translations on “allthelyrics” didn’t work there, you can find them at this end by clicking here.


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