New Five-Star Review of The Tears of Isis Goes Up on Amazon; And Then. . . .

Today the snows returned, starting about 1 p.m., and forcing cancelation of my musical group’s reharsal, normally on Tuesday evening.  However, a new review of THE TEARS OF ISIS by Erin R. Britt has added a large bit of warmth to the day.  We’ve actually met Erin last fall when I was the interviewee for her ERINDIPITY blog’s “Author Corner” (cf. November 12 2013), at which time she had a copy of THE TEARS OF ISIS on the stack for an eventual review.  And now, posted yesterday, here it is:  “I had the pleasure of interviewing James Dorr for Author Corner awhile back, and one of the things we discussed was his short story collection, THE TEARS OF ISIS.  I’ve finally been able to read it (I blame actual employment and graduate school for the delay), and the first thing I want to mention is how beautiful it is.  The language Dorr uses as he tells his stories is wonderful. . . .”

The whole review appears on ERINDIPIY’s “Recommend It Monday” feature and can be read by pressing here, as well as on Amazon, of which more in a moment.

And then. . . .

Just checking that Amazon link again, under the rubric “Isis cried; I almost screamed” is a second new 5-star review just posted by Christian A. Larsen:  “THE TEARS OF ISIS, a macabre short story collection by James Dorr, is dedicated to the memory of ‘Edgar Allan Poe who led the way,’ and if Poe ever smiled, he’d be smiling now. . . .”  This review also appears on Christian’s EX LIBRIS blog for today, February 4, which can be visited here, or, if one wishes the double header all at once, both can be found on Amazon’s page — with seven other reviews, good and bad — by pressing here.


  1. I read the two new praiseful reviews at Amazon with pleasure. I also re-read the less than glowing review by a person who obviously didn’t have the background to appreciate your style and wit. Alas.

  2. Ah, but it’s the crummy reviews that keep us honest 😉 (Well, sort of.)

  3. Keeps us honest? Keeps us annoyed. Well, if you are a fan of the author’s writing, which is the case with me. 🙂

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