Worst Christmas Accepted for Special Snowflakes; Bizarre Bizarro Bizarro Review Posted on Amazon

This was a submission last month by invitation, sort of, for a charity anthology to be put out by Alex S. Johnson under the Chupa Cabra House imprint.  “In the spirit of Christmas and doing the right thing, I am now announcing that submissions are open to the first SPECIAL SNOWFLAKES anthology, to benefit writers and artists in need.”  Niot a slam dunk, but today the word came that the story I sent, “The Worst Christmas Ever,” a reprint first published in 2006 in DARK JESTERS (Novello Publishers), has been accepted for, to give its full name, HEARTCORE:  THE SPECIAL SNOWFLAKES ANTHOLOGY, Volume 1.

Details will follow, although it presumably will contain line art as well as writing, and essays and poetry as well as fiction.  As for flavor, a later description offers this promise:  “Featuring horror, fantasy, Bizarro, and heart core erotica.”

As for “The Worst Christmas Ever,” about a bad year in Santa’s workshop due, in part, to one of his elves’s second job at the Ultima Thule Nuclear Power Plant, combined with a monkey escape from the zoo, it probably falls under the bizarro aegis as much as any of the above.  Although one might argue it’s horrible too.

Then speaking of bizarro, perhaps it’s not really bizarre as such (but who can resist?  certainly not I), but it is a good review that appeared on Amazon Wednesday.  That is, it’s a bizarro-bizarrogood review not just of the BIZARRO BIZARRO anthology (cf. December 27, October 12, 7), but it singles out my story, “Mr. Happy Head,” specifically for. . . .

Well, let me quote reviewer “denial66” who gave the Kindle edition 4.5 stars yesterday.  After saying he (she?) really enjoyed stories by Dustin Reade, Michael A. Rose, Gary Arthur Brown, and Andrew Wayne Adams, he adds:  “The winner for best in this anthology, in my opinion goes to Happy Head by James Dorr.”  You can see it for yourself by pressing here!

Guy’s got taste.

Although he did take a half star off, I suspect it’s for what he says at the end:  “While this volume may be a bit more than someone new to bizarro should take on, those familiar will love what it has to offer.”  (And doesn’t that really just make it one level better?)


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