May I Brag a Small Brag? — “Tears” Makes Stoker® Preliminary Ballot!

Frigid winter wonderland weather.  For several days now we’ve sustained below freezing temperatures accompanied by light snow now and again — even if I did go out today, this is excellent stay at home and contemplate nature’s beauty outside the window kind of weather, a sleep late and be lazy kind of weather.  Perhaps tomorrow. . . .

But the last weeks have been busy ones for me, reading like mad through stories and novels, etc., re. special recognition, the first stages of Horror Writers Association isiscovermasterfinalebook1-copy-201x300awards season being already on us.  Then that being passed, a guest blog post promised and just yesterday sent in, a blurb for a poetry book by an old friend due by the weekend.  So, with all that going, this isn’t exactly hot off the griddle.  In fact the news got to me late Monday evening, and congratulations from other friends are already up on my Facebook page.  But here it is at last from me:

THE TEARS OF ISIS has made it on the Bram Stoker Award® Preliminary Ballot in the Fiction Collection category.

Comes the disclaimer:  this is not the same thing as a nomination, but rather a short list from which Active and Lifetime Members of HWA will vote on which works should be nominated — for more information on which one can press here (click on “News,” the second item down the page, for the list itself giving all categories).  This part of the process will happen in the first half of February (and so, this afternoon, I made sure that relevant HWA voters will have a chance to see a PDF file of  THE TEARS OF ISIS if they haven’t read it already; then the next three weeks will mean more reading for those works I missed myself during the first stage), to be followed by an announcement the last week of February of, finally, the official Bram Stoker® nominees.

But it’s a start.

  1. James, I’m almost finished reading this and I hope to have the review done Monday. So very pleased you made it on the ballot! I’m loving it.

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