First Sundays Reading Cancelled as Area Buttons Up for Freeze

No winter wonderland stroll through the local campus for me this Sunday (see post just below).  Or readings either.  Just after midnight last night, in fact, the word came that the Bloomington Writers Guild’s First Sundays reading had been cancelled, perhaps to be postponed to a new date later this month.  As for me, that solved one problem at least, which of two 500-word stories I should bring to read at the closing open mike section — 500 words for me being about the length I can read comfortably during the 3-minute time allowed.  Would it be “Rocky Road,” a cheerful bit of macabre absurdity involving cannibalism and ice cream, or “Demons Are a Ghoul’s Best Friend,” a more routine romp through a Transylvanian graveyard?  But at least, perhaps I can use the time trying to think up more 500-word stories.  I’m running out.

But there’s no winter wonderland either, at least for now.  While Indianapolis is reportedly getting an inch of snow per hour, we here at about 50 miles south are right on the line between rain and snow, with a temperature still at just a degree or two above freezing.  This in a way is the worst of all worlds, with what amounts to falling slush prepared to become ice as soon as the temperature goes down.  And it is expected to go below zero after it gets dark — possibly to record or near-record depths below zero.

Then, at least, it should be all snow, but with temperatures still below zero Monday and not much above at the highest on Tuesday, I have no plans to stroll outdoors any more than I can help.  While, as for now, I’ve already been out once clearing slipperiness off the steps and, in a few moments, I probably should go out to repeat the process — hoping for a non-icy surface once the “real” snow starts to fall (the Weather Channel still says we might get three to five inches).  And then probably at least one foray out Monday morning to get new snow off and sprinkle salt and sand.


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