First 2014 Story Acceptance Day After New Year’s; The “Snow Queen” Visits, Expected to Come Back for Weekend

“What if fate had been a little different in the United States?    That’s a great question that speculative fiction writers have been exploring for decades, and the answers are endless.  Whether it’s straight alternate history, seeking to explore the possible results of altered history, or more fanciful ideas of magic or aliens in America’s past, these are the tales that let our imaginations roam.”

So started the guidelines for Martinus Publishing’s upcoming anthology ALTERED AMERICA and yesterday afternoon word came that my story “Avoid Seeing A Mouse,” originally published in Dark Moon Books’s ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES (cf. November 5 and 9 2012, et al.), would be one of the ones included.   This is a tale about ancient Egypt and modern-day Memphis Tennessee and Y2K fears as the year 1999 draws to a close — and what might have happened.  So today I sent the contract back and, as for what comes next, you’ll see it here as soon as I know myself.

Also yesterday, or more properly speaking beginning after dark on Wednesday, New Year’s Day, the Snow Queen came back.  This wasn’t a blizzard as happened beginning the night of Christmas 2012 (cf. December 26 that year), amounting this time to only perhaps about four inches, but Thursday as I crossed the uDulacTheSnowQueenHCAndersenniversity campus, the snow continuing to fall as I walked downtown, there was still an air of unearthly beauty.  Buildings loomed suddenly through the whiteness as one passed between snow-encrusted trees.  Sure, one’s feet also get wet and cold, but isn’t it worth it?

Well . . . maybe.  According to the newspaper more snow should start to fall late Saturday evening, continuing on through Sunday and followed by an intense cold spell with a low as much as nine below zero on Monday and Tuesday.  Accumulation could come to six or seven inches and Sunday I’ll be crossing the campus again, this time to attend the Bloomington Writers Guild’s first 2014 “First Sundays” reading (see December 1, et al.) — or at least so I plan.

Monday and Tuesday, however, I plan to be holed up at home.


  1. Jim, I remember the feeling well –that awesome sight, cold feet and who cares about the feet as long as you’re heading home!
    I haven’t seen snow in years, being in Florida now. I do miss that, and it’s going to be freezing next week.

    Hope the blizzard doesn’t linger. Well do I know blizzards, being from Colorado. Here, the cold is kind of wasted. Nothing special to see or talk about. Just people complaining and most are overweight. They shouldn’t be that cold. Ha ha.

  2. Well, we’re pretty much sub-blizzard and now they’re saying the snow for Sunday will be mostly north of us. Still going to be bitter cold Monday/Tuesday though, or so they (the Weather Channel, that is — the newspaper is still sticking to a little bit deeper snow) say.

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