Until the End Authors, Titles Announced, Release Date Set for Dec. 20

As the holidays approach, another anthology is due to be released, UNTIL THE END (see August 15), only two days from now on December 20.  This is a jolly (well . . . it is almost Christmas) after-the-apocalypse book with a difference, that the emphasis is to be on love and, even in the worst of times, its power to endure.  Or not.  And to help whet appetites, British publisher Horrified Press has announced the lineup of authors and titles, including my own tale, “Tunnels,” of how families will stick together and children, especially, adapt to the new life that they’ve been born into.

A Valentine for Kathy – By Ken L. Jones
No Fear, My Dear – By Mathias Jansson
Till Death Do Us Part – By Mathias Jansson
Fresh Start Fumes – By David S. Pointer
12:12 December 12 – By Changming Yuan
End of the World – By Mark Slade
Three Little Words – By Adam Millard
Lessons to be Learned From the End of the World – By Shaun Avery
The Watchers in the Park – By Matthew Wilson
The Power – By David Perlmutter
A Small Sacrifice – By Todd Nelsen
Ironsky – By Mark F. Bailey
Rollup – By Thomas J. Keller
Cornucopia – By Edward Ahern
One Last Question – By J.J. Steinfeld
Before the End – By Jane Hertenstein
Tunnels – By James S. Dorr
The End of a Thing is Better – By Eric Keys
The Red Queen Makes Her Excuses – By Mercedes Webb-Pullman
In Fables – By Gary Murphy
Time Catcher – By Denny E. Marshall
Via Di Porta Angelica – By Jason Bougger
Zombie Heartbreak – By Lauren Hudgins
After It All – By Stephanie Buosi
Outer Reach – By Hanson Hovell Holladay

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