Cosmic Vegetable “On the Shelf”

So has said Editor David Nell Thursday evening breaking the routine, on the Weather Channel tonight, of threats of Winter Storm Cleon and snow.  After all, it is December.  So possibly wecosmic-vegetable-full-2 will need lighter fare and, by happy coincidence, “COSMIC VEGETABLE is officially on the shelf.  Once again, thanks to all the fine writers who contributed to this collection.  I hope you will consider Dreamscape Press for future anthologies.  Attached you may find your contributor copies.”  Well, they had promised it by the end of this week (cf. below, December 1)!

The announcement goes on to say that the paperback version comes in at a bit over 200 pages, with a Kindle edition to be available on Amazon soon.  In the meantime print copies of COSMIC VEGETABLE:  ANTHOLOGY OF HUMOROUS SF/F, to give its full title, can be ordered via Createspace by pressing here, or on Amazon by pressing here.

And here I am, not yet finished with BLEED — and with SPLATTERLANDS now in the queue as well!


  1. Congrats, Jim! Something to keep cozy with while Cleon roars round the villa!

    • Though today, Saturday, just back from one obligatory party/meeting, must leave for another in a half hour. Busy, busy. And will have to miss the Krampus parade tonight which, Krampus Night being an Alpine tradition, they are still holding despite the snow.

  2. Brrrrr! But glad you are busy. Alpine traditions don’t die in Bloomingdale!

  3. Err . . . Bloomington? 🙂 (My mother used to make the same mistake which, Bloomingdale’s being a big store in New York, caused much amusement.)

  4. Yes I meant Bloomington, not dale. I’ve done that before with your city and I’ll likely do it again! Beware! LOL!

  5. In the late ’60s and 70s some in the counter culture called it Bloomingulch (from which one startup indy record studio at the time was named Gulcher Records). Then down the road, Bedford Indiana (where, incidentally, my ex-wifey was from) became known as Bedrock*, though that may have been influenced by FLINTSTONES fans as well.

    *In part, too, because we’re in Limestone country — lots of quarries around. Fun Fact: some of the facings on the Empire State Building are carved from Bedford area stone.

  6. Wow! What a lot of fascinating trivia! Which is why I enjoy chatting with you so much. ; D

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