Ginger Nuts of Horror Interview Up; Radical Dislocations Received

What does 1960s iconic cartoonist Robert Crumb have to do with success in writing?  Fame, fortune, or respect — which is best?  That’s right, it’s interview time again, this time courtesy of Jim Mcleod and his GINGER NUTS OF HORROR blog.  It’s a pretty short one this time as some go, self-styled as “Five Minutes of Questions,” but it’s the questions themselves (and the answers) that hold the interest, yes?  What book was I reading when I did the interview (hint:  one that I don’t have a story in myself)?  Will the resident cave cat Wednesday find a way to get herself mentioned too?

Answers to these and more can be found here.

Also, the mail has just arrived and, with it, my copy of RADICAL DISLOCATIONS (cf. September 1, July 17 and 28), Chupa Cabra House’s limited edition volume of “weird poems by the best underground poets.”  Who can say whether every poet is the best or not, such matters perhaps best left to taste, but three of the offerings anyway are mine:  “Last Rides” (what happens when a coffin is kicked during the graveside service — hint:  it doesn’t involve zombies or anything similar), “Book Fair Buzz Is Not Contained Between 2 Covers” (killer bees at the annual Book Fair), and “Why He Ate His Hat” (the thwarting of an alien invasion).  Edited by Timm Tayshun, the book itself is somewhat rough and ready — my middle initial on the contents page, for instance, has wandered a few spots down in the alphabet from where it is on the poems themselves — but, from a preliminary dipping inside, looks to be a lot of fun.

Unfortunately RADICAL DISLOCATIONS is already out of print, but it does have a page on Amazon, here, where used copies could conceivably come up.


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