Mars The Next Frontier Poetry Published; Splatterlands Received

The word came today from National Space Society of North Texas Contest Coordinator Patricia Ferguson:  “I am very pleased to announce that MARS:  THE NEXT FRONTIER is available on Amazon.  Finally!  I am very sorry that it took so long, but it is done, and I hope you will be pleased with it.  I am working on putting out a Kindle edition as well.”  It has been a while, going back to July 23 when I announced on these pages MarsCoverthe return of the contract for “three haiku-styled poems, ‘Outward Bound’ (also a contest Honorable Mention), ‘Red Sky,’ and ‘4th Planet Excursion,’ to be published in a chapbook anthology MARS, THE NEXT FRONTIER (cf. September 26, September 22 2012),” adding that “[w]e have met the National Space Society of North Texas before, incidentally, on February 11 2012 and September 15 2011 with a previous anthology, MOON:  THE EIGHTH CONTINENT, including my poem ‘Landing.’”  I might add now, too, that we’ve met again more recently on October 6 with two entries on the results of their latest contest on “Space Exploration, Development, and Settlement,” this year administered in conjunction with the Fort Worth Haiku Society, along with announcing its Grand Winner — me.

There will be a book of winners, honorable mentions, et al. for this contest too called THE ZEN OF SPACE (I like to think it appropriate, especially, that the poem I won with is a limerick 😉 ) which Coordinator/Editor Ferguson adds is in preparation with a hoped for publication date early in 2014.  As for MARS:  THE NEXT FRONTIER, its print edition can be ordered now by pressing here.

Also, speaking of print editions, my paperback copies of SPLATTERLANDS (see November 22, et al.) arrived this week from Grey Matter Press.  Edited by Anthony Rivera and Sharon Lawson, its just over 275 pages include thirteen stories — mine, “The Artist,” is third from the end — complete with interior illustrations by Carrion House and is, in general, a good looking book that’s been well received as both a look back and an extension of the idea of splatterpunk.

Now, if I weren’t still so busy reading BLEED (cf. November 24, et al.) . . .


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