Bleed, National Children’s Cancer Charity Anthology Reviewed; Daily Science Fiction Contract for Casket Girls

An extremely comprehensive review by Heather Landry of BLEED (see September 6, August 27, et al.) is currently up on THE HORROR ZINE.  This is Editor Lori Michelle’s 45-author anthology of short fiction, essays, and poetry with profits dedicated to the National Children’s Cancer Society, released at the end of this summer by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.  And (may I brag?), the reviewer says of my offering, originally published in GOTHIC.NET in March 2002 and also reprinted in my 2007 Dark Regions collection DARKER LOVES:  TALES OF MYSTERY AND REGRET, “. . . and I consider ‘King Rat’ to be another one of this book’s little masterpieces.”  To see for yourself, check out THE HORROR ZINE’s review by pressing here, or, better yet, for the publisher’s site to order the book — available now in both print and electronic formats — press here.



In other news to round out the weekend, the contract for “Casket Girls” (see November 19, below) arrived this morning from DAILY SCIENCE FICTION.  Blurb copy and bio are also requested which may keep me up for a bit tonight, but it’s all worth the effort.  Part of “the writing life,” one might call it.  More to the point, things are moving along and, while past experience with DAILY SF has involved a three to four month period between acceptance and publication, wouldn’t it be neat if this one came out by the end of the year?


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